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Carla Betianu

Carla Betianu

Carla is a 3rd year BA English student from Romania. She chose City as she wanted a course that had a balance of theory and practice.

Why did you decide to apply to study at City?

The way the course approaches English was the defining factor in choosing City. I was looking for a balance between theory – provided by modules such as ‘Literature in Historical Context’ - and practice – experiencing literature and its outlets in modules such as ‘Forms and Performances of Creative Writing’. Also, the prospect of studying English in the heart of London captivated me, and now I find myself a walk away from Dickens’ house, the burial place of Milton and Blake, and even more locations which help with the immersion into London literature. (Which I was happy to hear I would study in a module called ‘Reading London.’)

What is your favourite thing about studying at City?

Among my favourite things, I am very happy with the modules and the reading. As City was my first choice mainly for its approach to English literature, I was happy to see that I had the chance to read and analyse some of my favourite books while also learning to apply what I read to everyday life, and see literature as something alive, surrounding me. Also, my lecturers are easy to communicate with and are very supportive, making my experience much more pleasant and exciting.

What kind of things are you involved in outside of your course?

In my first year of university, I joined the Student Ambassador scheme, which proved to be a fantastic opportunity to develop my public speaking skills, confidence, and even my CV.

I also took a Mandarin class where I met people with the same interests as me, a lecturer who made learning such an intimidating language enjoyable, and I got the chance to experience a culture and a language I was previously not familiar with. I am a big supporter of learning new languages, so I believe the courses City offers are fantastic opportunities which I wholeheartedly recommend.

I am also part of the CityBuddies programme, where my role is to mentor younger students from the same course as me, help them adjust to the City life, and be there to support them when they need any help.

What would be your top tip for our applicants?

I think researching the curriculum and modules as best as you can makes a big difference. Finding an approach that agrees with you and your attitude towards work and studies can make your university experience much more enjoyable.