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Bertha Eke

Legal Practice Course LLM
Postgraduate student Bertha Eke

Bertha is studying the Legal Practice Course. She chose to undertake postgraduate study to become a solicitor and enhance her employability prospects.

Your motivations, drivers and challenges

What was your main motivation to undertake postgraduate study?

The main drive behind my decision to further my studies was getting better job prospects.

What were the factors that influenced your decision making when considering postgraduate study?

Location and proximity to potential employers were top of the list when considering where to study.

What were, if any, the main challenges that affected your decision about postgraduate study? How did you overcome them?

I feel that being away from family and adjusting into the London community were something I was concerned about. I overcame them by acknowledging that they were a huge challenge and getting advice from friends and family who gave me so much love and support. As for adjusting into London’s community, I read more about London and downloaded the “City Mapper” app.

Why did you choose City?  What made you decide City was the right university for you?

It was a combination of factors such as location, reputation, course facilities and academic staff - all played an important role. I've also searched reviews about the student experience at City.

Your student experience

What has been your student experience at City so far?

It’s been a mixture of challenging and transitional. I must say City is an amazing place to grow and develop oneself. There are loads of smart students and lecturers on your course who push you to do better and better. Being in London has been a huge transition for me.

How studying a postgraduate degree has helped you develop personally and professionally?

Studying for a postgraduate degree is very different to undergraduate study. There are more expectations and greater responsibilities. I've developed personally as I’ve significantly improved my organisational skills and I have also joined the amazing CitySport to keep body and soul fit.

Professionally, I’ve gained a lot of work experience which I would not have if I hadn’t come to City.

What skills and knowledge do you think the course has helped you develop?

I think the skills I’ve developed the most are my organisational, interpersonal and team work skills. As a law student I've also learnt book keeping and accounting skills (funny right?)

What opportunities and experiences City has offered you during your course?

I really value the work experience and careers development opportunities available at City. I’ve also been helped with my CV. Finally, receiving references from amazing lecturers was something quite important for me.

What advice would you give to people thinking about postgraduate study? What would you have liked to know then that you know now?

Anyone can study for a postgraduate degree, never think that it’s not for you and you’re alright with just an undergraduate degree. Yes, it’s challenging but so is any great thing in life. If I can do it, you definitely can do it.

Your future

What are your career plans once you have completed your postgraduate degree?

I’m hoping to get a training contract and become a solicitor.

How do you think City has equipped you for the next stage in your career journey?

Wow! I’ve gained so much from City! I’ve built up invaluable skills and experience which have definitely improved my employability prospects.