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Ben Frost

Computer Science (BSc)
Ben Frost

“Visiting City on an open day showed me that the lecturers here are incredibly passionate about the subject which makes the students passionate too”

Why did you choose City?

City has a fantastic location. I knew I wanted to study and live in the heart of London so I looked around many universities in the city centre. I think you can tell quickly once arriving somewhere if you like the atmosphere and the feel of the campus, and for me City felt right.

Why did you choose to study BSc Computer Science?

I had been thinking a while about which course I wanted to study, bouncing around between Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. After looking around universities I was initially put off Computer Science since the other universities didn’t make it seem like an interesting degree. Visiting City on an open day showed me that the lecturers here are incredibly passionate about the subject which makes the students passionate too. City also has a great careers team I was able to meet that are specialised in finding placements and work opportunities to Computer Science students. The variety in the module content covered and the types of graduate roles available to me made it clear that Computer Science was indeed the right course for me.

What has been your favourite module to study?

It’s a toss-up between Programming in Java and Programming in C++. I enjoy any module that I can really sink my teeth into and develop my own project for, and with programming modules I can really do just that – create an application and make it my own. I can maximise the efficiencies of the program and figure out the strengths of each programming language.

Can you tell us about some of the projects you have been involved in?

Last summer I was invited to take part in a summer research project using Raspberry Pi devices. I was researching how we can authenticate Raspberry Pi devices using their hardware features and machine learning techniques. I found this fascinating, and I was lucky enough to be offered the project since I have formed a good relationship with my personal tutor. I have been able to put this project on my CV and it’s been a useful talking point when it comes to interviews for internships for next summer.

What did you think of the facilities on offer at City?

There’s certainly something for everyone. Some of my friends are very interested in basketball and rugby, and the CitySport facilities are fantastic for them to train in and compete against other universities. The computer science department also has our own common room just for students on our course, so it’s a great way of meeting people and getting group or individual work done. The common room came about as a result of student feedback a few years ago – so it shows that the school does listen to student feedback about what would make the uni even better.

What makes City unique?

One of the things that attracted me to City was the diverse cohort of students studying in the same campus. Around half of City students are international, and around half of those from the UK commute in from the local area. Studying here, you get to meet people from all over the world as well as from all over the UK. Many of my friends here at City are international and it’s certainly broadened my world view being able to study among such a wide range of people.

What do you enjoy most about studying in London?

I enjoy how busy the city is and how easy it is to get around. City is 10 minutes from the nearest tube station, and in the centre of many bus routes. But we’re in London, so just call an Uber if you need to!

What do you get up to outside of University?

My friends and I formed the City Data Science Society, which is great fun and teaches a lot of skills such as event planning and how to lead courses in your chosen subjects. Last term I led a course in Python programming which was great fun to develop, and it meant I really had to know my subject area inside out.

Since moving into my flat I have become very interested in cooking, so I enjoy looking up recipes to try. My favourite so far is spaghetti carbonara. I also love trying out new restaurants with my friends and seeing films at local cinemas.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I’d like to find a graduate job in software development/data analytics.

How has City helped you to prepare for life after graduation?

City has provided a huge amount of careers support which means I will have more confidence applying and interviewing for jobs after university than I would have done otherwise. On top of that, the course content is very much relevant to what I would be expected to know when working in the industry. The professors have created the content with industry standards very much in mind.

What would be your tips for those who have applied to City?

Come to an open day! If you can, getting boots on the ground in your chosen university before you commit can really help you make your mind up about if it’s the right place for you. We have a lot of open days throughout the year, and you may see me in one of the red t-shirts welcoming visitors! Wherever you go make the most of the facilities and resources available to you. It’s been said before, but it’s true. So many opportunities open themselves up if you put yourself forward for things.