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Bayan Abilmazhinova

Business Studies BSc (Hons)
Bayan Abilmazhinova

Cass student Bayan sees City University London as a second home.

What has been your greatest experience at City so far?

This year I have participated in the City Volunteering scheme, particularly in Cultural Awareness Day in St Luke's primary school. I met a lot of new people: primary school pupils and teachers, students from our University - local and exchange. It was very interesting to represent my country, its history and traditions in this event, discover new facts about other countries and see children's reaction, openness and friendliness towards different cultures. I am happy that I participated in this event: it was my first volunteering experience and I would like to continue it in the future.

What is it like being an international student at City?

To be honest, I do not feel myself to be international; I feel that I am at home. City University London became my second home, probably because there are a lot of societies that unite people from different countries or because even some of your lecturers and tutors are international or it is just this special, friendly London atmosphere.

What is your dream job once you graduate?

Currently I am on my final year of a Business Studies degree. I am really happy that I chose this course, because it gives students flexibility in choosing their future career. As for me, I am planning to become a management consultant. This is a person who helps entrepreneurs to deal with difficulties, gives advice and can fix any problem. It sounds easy but in reality it is a hard work, because you need to know almost everything: problems can be in the financial or operational segment, or the client will need help in the marketing department or with human resources management. A consultant should be aware of everything new happening in the world in order to give the right advice. Often they travel in other countries to work on projects.

What appeals to you most about this profession?

I like that this profession is challenging and gives a person a lot of valuable experience in many aspects of business and even in different industries. Also, it provides opportunities to try something new, to travel and to help people.

What kind of qualities do you think you will need to succeed in this role?

This role requires a person to be adaptive, flexible, hardworking, responsible, curious, open-minded and analytical. I think most of these qualities have come from my family background. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and got used to a flexible and active lifestyle and the behaviour of seeking new opportunities and solving problems. Later, I have further developed them in college and university.

How has City helped you towards achieving this goal?

I benefited from a lot of opportunities provided by City. The Careers service was very helpful in writing my CV and cover letters, organising different mock interviews and assessment centres, inviting alumni and employers from different companies to career fairs, which was very useful because you could ask questions and advice in person. Also I like societies, such as the Cass Consultancy Society and the Cass Finance Society, for companies' presentations and networking events. However the most important for me was the Mentoring Scheme, where students are allocated to mentors from different companies. It has helped me a lot with the decision about my future profession.

What are your hopes for a future career?

After working as a management consultant I want to continue my family business or open a new one. Also, as my country is a developing one, I see a lot of opportunities there.