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Aurelia Guo

Aurelia Guo

Aurelia's research at The City Law School focuses on legal indeterminacy as a philosophical problem explored in conceptual poetry by Vanessa Place

PhD Thesis Title: Conceptual Poetry as Legal Philosophy in Tragoedia by Vanessa Place


Research Overview

Aurelia Yueyi Guo is writing on Tragoedia by Vanessa Placea trilogy of contemporary American conceptual poetry taken verbatim from Place's work as an appellate attorney representing convicted sex offenders in the State of California. Working in the tradition of critical legal studies, Aurelia takes Tragoedia as an exposition on legal indeterminacy, the radical proposition that the law is not always discoverable but indeterminate and incomplete by nature.


Aurelia graduated with first-class Honours in English Literature from the University of Sydney with a thesis on the poetry of Frank O'Hara. She previously studied law, politics, history and literature at the Australian National University and undertook a semester abroad at the University College Maastricht, Maastricht University.


Aurelia  is currently teaching Torts and will also teach The English Legal System in Semester 2, 2017/8.