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Arailym Aukenova

Mathematics and Finance BSc (Hons)

International student from the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Where are you from?

I am from the beautiful city of Semey in Kazakhstan.  

What course do you do?

I am currently studying a BSc(Hons) Mathematics and Finance, as a holder of the Bolashak presidential scholarship.

What do you like about the course?

I have found the course challenging but interesting. It requires a lot of effort, hard work and strong willingness to achieve good results from your study. Critical thinking, constant evaluation and analyses are very demanding. The lecturers are very open and kind; they take care of the students' needs and find students' comments valuable contributions. They arrange tutorials, meetings and social events where students can discuss everything from their studies to their personal lives. I am very happy of being a student here at City where lecturers always support me and give right directions in learning. 

Why would you recommend City to students from your home country?

I enjoy life in London, as it has very interesting places to go and activities to do. There are many social clubs in the Students' Union, which are convenient to attend. One of them is the Kazakhstan Society. As the president of City, University of London Kazakhstan Society, I can say that we are a group of enthusiastic young people who are all living a long way from our home country. The society gives us the chance to celebrate our national holidays and explore the UK with other students from Kazakhstan. At City University I have met people from almost every continent and I am learning something new from my international friends every day, be it their language, culture or socio-political system. I have had such a positive experience here in the UK and with the multinational environment here in London; the whole experience has certainly contributed to my personal development. I have found my soul-city - it is definitely London!

What do you like about London?

Life in London is not only about studying. It is also about interaction with different people from different nationalities such as classmates, flatmates and teachers. You can learn something new from each of them which enables you to see life from different angles.  In addition, life in London enables you to be responsible for all your activities and thoughts, it allows you to be independent, to take risks and not be afraid of changes in your life. London is great city to live and study and City is in one of the best areas Islington. I really love my course, lectures and tutorials are interesting.