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Arael Warren

Speech and Language Science BSc (Hons)
Arael Warren

'I chose City initially as I really love London, and it’s in such a good location.'

How did you develop an interest in Speech and Language and why did you choose to study BSc Speech and Language Science?

I have always had an interest in Health Sciences. When I was finishing my A-Levels and choosing a degree, speech and language courses really stood out to me, as they seemed to be a good mix of Science and English. I also find communication fascinating, so it seemed like an ideal course for me.

Why did you choose to study at City, University of London?

I chose City initially as I really love London, and it’s in such a good location. Upon further research, I decided on City due to its excellent reputation within the School of Health Sciences.

What has been your favourite module so far and why?

It’s difficult to choose just one module! I have really loved the Brain and Behaviour part of the third year language science module, as it links physical parts of the brain to seemingly abstract concepts taught across the years. I have also loved the Speech Science (phonetics) modules.

What has been a highlight on the course for yourself?

The highlight of the course has been getting to use the speech and language lab and the equipment in there (e.g. the Ultrasound machine).

Have you participated in any extracurricular activities at City? For example, being a student rep, taking part in any student union societies, volunteering.

I have been a student rep for all 3 years of my degree. This has been a very good opportunity for me, as it has helped me to develop communication skills, as well as an ability to give constructive feedback professionally. It has also allowed me to pass on information from my cohort to make a real difference to the course for future years.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at City?

I have enjoyed the study and social spaces a lot at City. The City Bar has become a nice place to hang out after classes, with cheap drinks, an Xbox, table football etc. The study spaces are also really good – there are a wide range of both silent and group spaces other than just the library.

How have you found the teaching on your course?

I have enjoyed the teaching a lot – all of my teachers have been extremely passionate about their respective subjects, and about teaching. The staff seem to really care about their students and how they do.

How have you benefited from the facilities available at City?

I have benefited from the speech and language lab, for example the software and equipment for measuring speech production. This is very useful for some modules on the course, as it allows you to see the theory you have been taught applied to real speech.

What are you looking most forward to during the rest of your time at City, University of London?

I am looking forward to continuing the modules I am currently undertaking and finishing my dissertation project, which has been super interesting.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

I plan on undertaking an MSc in Speech and Language Therapy.

What would be your advice to anyone considering studying BSc Speech and Language Science?

Do it! It’s super interesting, and it’s a degree that allows you to explore many aspects of Speech and Language Sciences (e.g. language sciences, psychology, and forensic phonetics). Prepare yourself for the degree by looking at the reading lists for the course, and also at similar degrees in other places.