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Anna Labedzka

PhD student Anna Labedzka

Research student Anna is working on the thesis The European Union and shaping of its neighbourhood: in pursuit of stability, security and prosperity.

Thesis title: The European Union and shaping of its neighbourhood: in pursuit of stability, security and prosperity.

Anna's research examines the role and effectives of instruments (political, soft law and legal) used within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) to pursue an ambitious objective to establish an area of prosperity and good neighbourliness between the European Union and 16 of its neighbours covered by the ENP.

The study will examine how introduction of art. 8 of the Treaty on European Union affects the formulation of EU policies towards its Eastern and Southern neighbours.

A special focus will be given to the new generation of association agreements that offer a comprehensive mechanism of association to Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Her research supervisors are Professor Sir Alan Dashwood and Professor Panos Koutrakos.

Research interests:

  • EU external relations
  • Conflict resolution and security
  • Human rights.

Anna holds an MA in International Relations from University of Warsaw and a Diploma in Contemporary European Studies (with distinction) from University of Sussex.


  • Prawo Unii Europejskiej. Testy, kazusy, tablice [EU Law. Tests, problem questions, charts], C.H. Beck Poland [co-author], five editions latest in 2012
  • Wprowadzenie do Traktatu z Lizbony [An Introduction to the Treaty of Lisbon], National School of Public Administration, Warsaw [co-author], 2010
  • Instytucje Unii Europejskiej [Institutional Framework of the European Union] in: Prawo Instytucjonalne i Gospodarcze Unii Europejskiej [Institutional and Substantive Law of the European Union], Wolters Kluwer Poland, 2008
  • Southern Caucasus in: S. Blockmans, A. Lazowski (eds.) The European Union and its Neighbours. A Legal Appraisal of the EU's Policies of Stabilization, Partnership and Integration, T.M.C Asser Press/Cambridge University Press, The Hague, 2006

Conference papers

  • The European Neighbourhood Policy at the crosswords. A few remarks on the future framework of the EU relations with its neighbours, Ever Challenged Union: exploring ways out of the crises, UACES 16th Annual Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast 29-30 June 2015
  • The European Neighbourhood Policy at the crossroads: in quest for a solution enabling the EU to become a game changer in its own neighbourhood, Scottish Graduate School of Social Science Summer School, University of Edinburg, Edinburgh 11-12 June 2015
  • Conditionality at the time of geopolitical uncertainty. A review of application of conditionality in EU-Ukraine relations, Postgraduate Law Conference 2015, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen 29-30 January 2015
  • New Generation of Association Agreements - is it the  Right Step towards Enhanced Bilateralism within the ENP Framework?, 4th Conference on European Law & Policy in Context The Future of European Law and Policy, Institute of European Law, University of Birmingham, Birmingham 26-27 June 2014
  • The Principle of Good Neighbourliness in the Context of Article 8 TEU, The Principle of Good Neighbourly Relations in Europe: Theory and Practice, Faculty of Law, University of Groningen, Groningen 8 March 2013