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Amir Jaber

Amir Jaber

During the mock interview I was given extremely insightful advice which helped me to succeed during the job interview.

Graduation date: 2016

What type of careers guidance did you come in for?

Mock interview / Interview preparation discussion.

Do you think the careers guidance or mock interview helped you with your application / interview?

Definitely. The service I was expecting was simply someone with whom I could practice answering questions in an interview-like situation, maybe with some feedback on how I answered the question. In addition to that, I was given extremely insightful advice on many other things such as to listen for the interviewer stressing any particular words and having that influence the way I formulate my answer.

What advice do you have for other students?

Don't hesitate to book an appointment before any major job interview or networking event.

What do you want to do after university?

After July 2014 I will be on a placement year in the finance department of Warner Bros. Entertainment, the role for which I had an assessment day when I went to the mock interview. When I graduate in 2016 I want to work within Investment Banking.