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Amar Vasani

Amar Vasani

Amar's PhD thesis focuses on the theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of shipbuilding contracts.

PhD Title: An assessment of the extent to which the ‘sale contract’ view of shipbuilding contracts is being eroded in favour of the view which considers them to be service contracts, and the implications of this potential change for contract performance and remedies

School: The City Law School


Supervisors: Professor Jason Chuah and Anthony Rogers.

Biography: Amar’s thesis begins with a look at the history of the shipbuilding industry and the triggers of shipbuilding contract disputes over the years. It then goes on to assess whether the legal basis of the shipbuilding contract still lies within the remit of the Sale of Goods Act, or whether parties are now more likely to collaborate throughout the life of a shipbuild – as per a service contract. In positing an answer to this question, it then assesses what implications this has for performance of the contract, and the remedial channels available in the event of breach.

Amar gained his undergraduate Law degree from the University of Warwick. The following year he obtained a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from City University London, in which he submitted a dissertation entitled ‘With reference to Marine Salvage protocols, a critical analysis of the 2010 HNS Convention, including suggested amendments to the scope of substances that it currently covers’. Amar has also undertaken placements at Lloyds Commercial Bank, the House of Commons, and 4 King’s Bench Walk Barrister’s Chambers.

Amar’s main research interests include English Contract Law, Law & Economics, and Admiralty Law, with his primary area of interest being the theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of Commercial Contracts.

Conference presentations:

‘A whistle-stop tour of events which legally characterised shipbuilding contracts in the 20th Century’, City Law School Annual PhD Forum, City University London, May 2016.

‘A whistle-stop tour of events which affected 20th Century shipbuilding contracts most markedly’, The Seventh Annual Maritime Law And Policy Postgraduate Research Conference, City University London, April 2016.