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Amala Pillai

Financial Journalism MA
Amala Pillai

'City provides several avenues to make the most out of your time here, so it’s been a seamless transition.'

How did you develop an interest in Financial Journalism and why did you choose to study Financial Journalism at Postgraduate level?

Business topics and how they affect the world have always interested me. I was a business writer in the content creation industry with a Bachelor’s degree in Business (Finance) and never received formal training in journalism, which I had always wanted to properly pursue.

Why did you choose to continue your studies at City, University of London?

I shortlisted City because it’s one the best schools in the UK to study Journalism – I knew this because of several University rankings and also through word of mouth. Receiving the Marjorie Deane Scholarship for the course, was the deciding factor in the end.

How are you finding the transition from Undergraduate to Postgraduate study?

I worked before pursuing the MA so I think it has been a nice break from the working world. City provides several avenues to make the most out of your time here, so it’s been a seamless transition.

Have you completed any work experience/ placements during your course? Where did you complete these and how will they help with your future career?

I have been offered several well-paid freelance writing opportunities and these have kept me very busy during term break. I’m also currently in the interview process for two major news organisations in UK for summer internships.

How have you found the teaching on your course? Have you been involved in any News Days or Major projects?

Most of the full-time lecturers are very competent and experienced and will put in time and effort to make sure everyone is at the same pace. MA Financial students ran the City Post on Budget Day and it was a fantastic opportunity to experience the rush of an actual newsroom.

How have you benefitted from the facilities at City? Do they help you to practice and prepare for your future career/study?

The library is well stocked and you’ll be able to find your required readings, if you get them in advance, especially if it’s necessary for an assignment. The TV studio is fantastic, really top notch equipment. There is a lot of space to do group work but if you require more than one computer at the Library, you’ll need to go early or try to find an empty lab.

Have you used City’s career service for support with paid work and your personal career development?

City’s career services came to one of our lectures and gave us a talk about developing our resumes for job applications.

What are you planning to do upon graduation from City?

I’m also currently in the interview process at two major news organisations in the UK for summer news internships. Otherwise, I’ve already been offered a writing job which I may consider taking up, since it pays very well.