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Alex Flather

Graduate Diploma in Law GDL GDL
Alex Flather

Alex completed the GDL at City in 2014. He then completed a training contract with Clyde and Co.

Why did you choose to convert to law?

While I did my undergraduate degree in politics, I had always been interested in law as a career. One of the best things about law is that you can convert into it, so you can do something non-vocational for your undergraduate which you are passionate about, and then pick up a relevant vocational qualification straight afterwards. I took full advantage of this and it's helped me have something other than law to discuss in interviews.

Why did you choose The City Law School?

Clyde & Co funded my GDL and allowed me to choose where I would study so I did some online research and went to talks from different providers. I settled on City as it was said to go beyond the basic syllabus and have an emphasis on independent research.

What challenges did you face studying a whole new subject?

The hardest challenge of the course was taking on board a lot of information very quickly and being able to recall it all for the exams. I found it much harder than my undergraduate course because my degree was spread over three years so I could ease into the subject matter and build on previous years; the GDL was one year and I’d never studied law before. During my course I particularly enjoyed learning from my tutors who were all experts in their fields.

Where has the GDL taken you now?

I am now working full time at an international law firm – Clyde & Co focusing primarily on disputes work alongside anti-bribery and sanctions advice. I've found that I am always putting what I learned from the GDL into practice.

What advice do you have for future GDL students?

I would advise students to look into all training contract opportunities. There are many high-quality options outside of London and many major firms offer unique training contract schemes in regional locations. City offered CV advice, interview coaching and plenty of networking opportunities – all of which are tailored to people studying law. Take full advantage of all the things your institution offers.