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Aleksander Krupa

Mechanical Engineering (MEng)

City Mechanical Engineering student Aleksander Krupa won the runner up prize at our 2018 Made@City display, which showcases the best final year and po

What course are you currently studying at City, University of London?

Mechanical Engineering

What has been your favourite aspect of the course so far?

I enjoy getting into practical tangible aspects of the course through different types of projects i.e Tennis Ball Server, Wind Turbine Challenge while also learning about more specific areas of Engineering Science.

Why did you decide to study at City, University of London?

City is listed as one of the top universities for Mechanical Engineering and that was my main reason. My friend also told me about City and what Engineering course consisted of, which was something that helped convince me to make this decision.

What has been the highlight of your time at City so far?

Meeting amazing people and developing my passions. I get to do what I enjoy most every day - learning how things work and how to build them. Sometimes there are difficult moments but the overall outcome is well worth it.

What has been your favourite module and why?

Mechanical Design and Analysis. I have always been more interested in practical activities. I enjoy designing new things and creating them. It is a great feeling to touch something which you have created yourself and see it working.

What is the main benefit of studying a course at City?

You have a wide variety of ways to develop yourself academically and personally - different modules, impressive facilities, gym, and societies. It is also situated within the very centre of London.

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of studying at City?

Make sure you get the most out of your course. Choose a subject related to the things you enjoy to do, not what is easy or sounds attractive on paper. If you enjoy it, you will try your best and get more out of it.

Could you explain a little bit about your entry for Made@City 2018?

I was entered into the competition to show my most recent project, a smart phone controlled mechanical Tennis Ball Server. I did not expect anything - it was my very first time. Surprisingly a lot of people enjoyed the piece that I created.

What is the benefit of events such as Made@City?

It helps creators to meet encouraging people and make connections, while also gaining useful industry feedback on the product we created. We also get additional funds to develop the idea further.

Tell us something unique about the events here at City?

Events like Made@City give an opportunity to test yourself in terms of presenting and organisational skills. They open doors to a career and can change your life, giving you the opportunity to be an entrepreneur.