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Aidan Swietochowski

Aidan’s research at The City Law School focuses on defining artworks, predominantly within the legal frameworks of the UK.

PhD Title: Tackling Art within Law: the Definitive Problem

Supervisors: Professor Carl Stychin and Dr David Seymour


Aidan’s research concerns the examination of the interaction between art and law, considering how art interacts with law and how, in turn, law interacts with art. He looks to decide whether the current measures to defining art within law art appropriate and sufficient or whether some level of reform is necessary.


Aidan obtained his Law LLB at the University of York (United Kingdom). Following this, he completed a Socio-Legal MA at the Onati International Institute for the Sociology of Law (Spain) for which he submitted a thesis titled ‘The Cultural Property Dilemma – Foreign Cultures vs. Domestic UK Law’.

Aidan’s main research interests concern the relationship between art and law; focusing heavily on defining art & artworks within multiple fields, limitation periods with concern to stolen artworks, how art can impact upon the law and the significance of artworks as a ‘special’ category of property.

Affiliations and Memberships

The Onati Community (Socio-Legal Forum)


Critical Review of Kuprecht’s ‘Cultural Property Claims’, Onati Socio-Legal Journal (Forthcoming)

Elgin Marbles Editorial, Ebor Lex  (Spring 2015)

Cultural Property and the Hague Convention, Ebor Lex (Spring 2015)


“The Cultural Property Conundrum – Lessons Learnt in Domestic Law”, ISA Conference, Onati Room, University of Vienna (July 2016)

“Photography and the Migrant Struggle: Making Migrant’s Visible”, Annual Conference on Law and Culture, St. Mary’s University, Twickenham (Sept 2016)