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Adrian Bussone


As a student on the course, Adrian had the opportunity to apply for a consultant position at City's Interaction Lab. She says it was great.

Why did you choose to study at City, University of London?

I chose to study at City because I was impressed with the modules listed - they cover more than other universities I looked at. City really attracted my attention because several of the lecturers have a research focus on medical and healthcare, a personal interest of mine.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I find the camaraderie of my classmates to be absolutely wonderful. We have a tough workload and a friendly competition that pushes everyone to do their best. Despite this, we have formed a tight group that helps each other out, shares resources, and encourages each other when things get tough.

What has been your favourite module and why?

That's a really difficult question... I've enjoyed all the modules. If I had to choose though, I would have to say Information Architecture. The course content is interesting, and we had numerous guest lectures from well-known professionals and academics. The lecturer, Stephan Makri, is so passionate about the topic and about students learning - its infectious.

What has been a highlight of your course so far?

As a student on the course, I had the opportunity to apply for a consultant position at City's Interaction Lab. Working in our lab is great experience, but the highlight was being able to work as a researcher on a real-world project for a large digital marketing agency.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

My plans haven't been settled just yet. Half of me wants to return to working in industry, applying what I've learnt to the healthcare field. The other half of me wants to pursue a PhD to continue learning and researching.