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  1. Aagin Roy

    Aagin is a 2nd year BSc Radiography student. She chose City for its placement opportunities and the support provided to her by the Universi ...

  2. Aamena Akubat

    Aamena is a Mental Health Nursing graduate who enjoyed placements at the outstanding East London NHS Foundation Trust.

  3. Aaron Uraon

    'What I gained most was an appreciation for vision, and awareness for how difficult daily tasks are when our eyesight is impaired.'

  4. Abdi Abdalla

    Abdi is studying BSc (Hons) Radiography (Radiotherapy and Oncology), and plans to be a Therapeutic Radiographer and work on cancer research ...

  5. Aileen Keigher

    'Sincere thanks to each and every one of the staff there for making me feel so welcome.'

  6. Aiofe Scanlan

    Aoife is a 2nd year BSc Child Nursing student. Prior to applying to City, she travelled across Africa and volunteered in hospitals and orph ...

  7. Aisha Moolla

    After graduation Aisha plans on working as a Therapeutic Radiographer.

  8. Alex Coxon

    Alex is an UG Optometry Student. She is enjoying her time at City forging new friendships and is even working to obtain a pilot's license!

  9. Alex Rymer

    Alex Rymer is a Speech and Language Therapy student at City, University of London.

  10. Andrew Clayton

    "The staff are friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and supportive and were great when it came to us trying to finish our portfolio’s!"

  11. Arael Warren

    'I chose City initially as I really love London, and it’s in such a good location.'

  12. Arjun Sarai

    'What attracted me to City was the fact that the University has top teachers with excellent backgrounds, they are all specialists in their ...

  13. Arsim Zubair

    “City has opened up new opportunities and introduced me to people with industry knowledge.”

  14. Aysha Badat

    Aysha is a 2nd year BSc Optometry student. One of her plans for once she graduates is to volunteer abroad and help those suffering from eye ...

  15. Ayshea King

    Ayshea is a 3rd year BSc Midwifery student. As a co-captain of City’s Netball Team, she is leading the team, organising matches and socials ...

  16. Carolina Oliveira De Freitas

    "I am naturally a shy, reclusive person, and don’t often engage in university events/trips etc, and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone! ...

  17. Charlotte Bird

    Charlotte is a BSc Midwifery graduate from the School of Health Sciences. She is from a small town near Leeds and came to London to study a ...

  18. Cloe Amber Campbell

    Cloe chose to study at City to extend her knowledge base and actively apply it to her everyday work.

  19. Dan Chung

    'Teaching is fantastic, as the lecturers are passionate about their subjects and topics are explained thoroughly.'

  20. Darran Martin

    Darran is a current student on City’s PGDip Child Nursing programme.

  21. Deepkiran Cheema

    "The best thing about my time at City is the wonderful friends I made - they gave me the confidence to do things I'd never had the guts to ...

  22. Dhruvin Patel

    Optometry student Dhruvin Patel is the founder of startup OcuShield, a winner in the University's CitySpark competition.

  23. Dimitri Dolor

    Dimitri is an undergraduate student on City's BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy course.

  24. Djemira Da Cunha

    Djemira is a 2nd year BSc Child Nursing student. Before joining City, she undertook a gap year, in which she worked at a GP surgery and tra ...

  25. Dorothy Flatman

    'What I liked about the course was that the group was very mixed (ages, experiences) which I wasn’t expecting.'

  26. Emma Spillane

    I chose to study at City, University of London because it had an excellent reputation for the Master’s course in advanced Midwifery practic ...

  27. Ezinwanne Onwubiko

    Ezinwanne is studying the PGDip in Child Nursing. She chose City for its reputation in nursing and its central London location.

  28. Federica Ferri

    'I decided to study at City because of its reputation for the health professions and students satisfaction.'

  29. Helena Gruenstern

    Helena Gruenstern is a postgraduate Speech and Language Therapy student.

  30. Jordine Reid

    'At first it was something I was always nervous about, but now it excites me that it is something that I will be doing in the near future.'

  31. Jude Kearns

    She is currently studying the MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Advanced practice in Health and Social care) course.

  32. Laiba Masood

    Laiba is a 1st year BSc Radiography (Radiotherapy and Oncology) student. Her favourite thing about City is the thriving environment in cent ...

  33. Lila-Sara Harbal

    Lila is a 2nd year Adult Nursing student. Speaking to current students helped her to make her mind as they gave a unique perspective into l ...

  34. Louise Hart

    Louise is a first year student at City, University of London, studying MPH Public Health on a part-time basis.

  35. Louise Robinson

    Louise Robinson is a third year student on the BSc (Hons) Child Nursing. She secured her place at City through Clearing.

  36. Margaux Isbecque

    Margaux is studying the PGDip in Adult Nursing. The course is enabling her to move to a more fulfilling career that can take her anywhere i ...

  37. Mariam Mohammed

    Mariam is studying BSc (Hons) Radiography (Radiotherapy and Oncology), and describes it as “the most amazing degree to do.”

  38. Marketa Stovickova

    "All the facilities at City, from library resources, to teaching staff and their willingness to help and guide you along your way, have bee ...

  39. Martina Curtin

    Martina is studying the MRes in Clinical Research. She chose this course to become a clinical academic and further her skills in research.

  40. Mollie Yates

    "The nature of placement means that you are seeing all that you learn about in practice and it provides a great opportunity to get stuck in ...

  41. Najima Bawa

    Obtaining a MPH will make me more competitive and eligible for positions that will help advance my career in the direction I want it to go ...

  42. Nazihah Uddin

    City’s Radiotherapy graduate Nazihah encourages applicants to choose a course they're passionate about to really enjoy learning.

  43. Nicola Bristow

    'I had friends who had studied here previously and had a good experience, not just with their courses but overall at the University.'

  44. Onitha Islam

    'I have majorly benefitted from the facilities in City. The clinical rooms where we practice our nursing skills have by far been the best o ...

  45. Poppy Croucher

    'Looking after patients and their families on placement has been one of the most amazing aspects for myself.'

  46. Rachael Davis

    The course was available part-time and I could undertake two modules one day a week which worked well around my job.

  47. Rachel Preston

    Rachel is a 2nd year BSc Speech and Language Therapy student. Prior to her course at City, she studied English and worked in the corporate ...

  48. Samantha Bailey

    Samantha is a 1st year BSc Mental Health Nursing student. She applied to City due to the wide range of placement opportunities the course o ...

  49. Sameena Amla

    Sameena is a 3rd year Child Nursing student. Before coming to City she was studying A Level Biology, Chemistry and Psychology.

  50. Sana Amla

    Sana is a 3rd year Child Nursing student. Her favourite thing about studying at City is the real ambiance to strive for success.

  51. Sean Taylor

    'Being part of such a special, diverse community and the support networks that this brings with it.'

  52. Shakira Johnson

    She is currently studying the MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Advanced practice in Health and Social care) course.

  53. Sonally Nyota

    'My favourite placement has been with a community neuro-rehab team – I got to see and work with adults with a range of communication diffic ...

  54. Sophie Carmichael

    Sophie is a final year Speech and Language Therapy student in the School of Health Sciences.

  55. Stephen Frith

    'I found this a good way of learning about other services and applying the techniques to enable clinicians to analyse the strengths and wea ...

  56. Stephen Moore

    Studying at City, University of London has helped increase my confidence and clinical skills at work.

  57. Tanzyla Khan Tareen

    Tanzyla is studying the MSc in Health Management. Upon graduation, she decided to remain and further her studies at City.

  58. Tasneem Bhuta

    Tasneem is a 2nd year BSc Optometry student. After graduation, she would like to work with charities, providing eye care to those in need.

  59. Teresa Paz Moraga

    This course enabled me to learn about a broad field of clinical topics that I can put into practise on a daily basis

  60. Tracey Tayo

    Tracey is studying the PGDip in Child Nursing. This course is allowing her to move to a new career path and develop professionally.

  61. Valeria Lovo

    Valeria is studying the MSc in Health Psychology. She wanted to study at a top university in London with a robust Psychology programme.

  62. Zaman Sachedina

    A BSc Optometry degree is very valuable because there are so many routes that you can undertake after your degree