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Ying Huang

Ying Huang smiling

Subject Course Co-ordinator (Languages)

Yinghong Huang was trained and qualified as a Mandarin Chinese teacher in Shanghai and holds a MA in Education Management from King's College London.

She started her teaching career at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and has taught Mandarin and Business Mandarin at King's College, Roehampton University as well as London Business School.

She joined City in 2005. In 2009, she published a Business Mandarin textbook "Business Chinese 20 Essential Topics". She is the coordinator for language short courses at City Enterprise Office.

"I was trained as a Mandarin Chinese teacher in Shanghai and taught Mandarin there before coming to King's College London to study a Masters in Education.

"My first job in the UK was teaching Mandarin to diplomats and government officials at the Foreign Office. After the closure of the Foreign Office language centre, I moved to City, University of London. I also started to teach Business Mandarin in-house for companies.

"In 2009, I published a Business Mandarin textbook based on my course at Cass business school: Business Chinese: 20 Essential Topics.

"I didn't actually choose the teaching profession, my parents did. They thought teaching was a good job for me because of its respectful social status in China, but I later discovered I enjoyed teaching very much. It gives me a sense of achievement when I see students make progress.

"To be a successful tutor, you need to observe and understand each student's strengths and weaknesses. Then you can inspire them to be better.

"I once had a Swedish student who studied Beginners Mandarin in my evening class for a year. He was so fascinated by the language and culture, he left his job and went to China to pursue further studies. He was later interviewed by a Chinese newspaper and was invited onto a Chinese TV show because of his outstanding language skills.

"If you want to improve your business opportunities through education, City is the best place for you. Because of its central location and numerous practical courses, you can easily take on a course after work.

"Mandarin courses at City are not only about language, but also the whole experience of Chinese culture. If you're not sure why your Chinese friends looked upset when you gifted them a clock, you need to come to the course."

Yinghong Huang teaches the Chinese Mandarin Beginners and Chinese Mandarin Lower Intermediate short courses at City.