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Taryn Ferris

City University London staff member Taryn Ferris

Professional Mentoring Coordinator - Taryn manages the Postgraduate Mentoring stream, and marketing and media for the entire scheme

Taryn has lived many lives. Her first lives were in Melbourne, Australia and apart from being a massive coffee aficionado is an avid gardener. Her latter lives have been in London where she has resided for over 10 years and now has dual citizenship. She received a First Class Honours in Women's Studies and Ethics from her adoptive country. Since October 2012 she has been an integral part of the expansion of Professional Mentoring scheme which lead to her promotion from assistant to co-ordinator. Taryn has a keen interest in social media and how it can be used in an effective manner to further support the professional and personal development that our students experience through their individual mentoring relationships. Though mentoring was a new area for her she quickly took a great interest and enthusiastically integrated herself into the team. Her passion project in 2014 is piloting a postgraduate strand which sees students who might have already been exposed to world of work or in the middle of a career change being paired up with professionals who rigorously support, advise and guide them.