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Susan Grossman

Susan Grossman wearing glasses and smiling

Susan teaches the Freelance Writing: How To Get Published in Print and Online short course. She also teaches our Travel Writing short course

Susan Grossman is a former BBC broadcaster, magazine editor, freelance travel journalist and author.

She lectures on the MA in Journalism at the University of Westminster and works as a career coach, media trainer and writing mentor, helping individuals and media professionals get published and impress editors.

She has a certificate in Leaders as Coaches and 30 years' work experience as a consumer journalist.

Susan Grossman combines her seasoned experience as a journalist with a passion for teaching. A certified Institute of Leadership and Management coach, she has 30 years' experience in the media as a freelancer contributing to the national press on subjects including travel, food and health and as a broadcaster and editor.

"My career started with seven years' writing Which? reports, from where I moved to the BBC as a reporter and TV presenter. I spent three years editing customer magazines at Redwood Publishing, while writing travel features for the national press and broadcasting for a travel programme on BBC Radio4. I've been a hotel inspector and written half a dozen travel-related guidebooks. I also work on a one-to-one basis as a writing mentor, and as a career coach.

"I got into teaching because I wanted to give back what I'd learned and to help aspiring journalists get published and overcome obstacles along the way, including their own lack of self-worth and confidence.

"Teaching adults is enormously satisfying, mainly because they want to learn. I love the interaction you get in small groups and helping the students recognise the skills and knowledge that can lead to success.

"Most students would like to get published and paid for their words. I've had students who write on behalf of their organisation or ghost write for a boss and want their own by-line or to publish in their own right. Others are considering a change in career or job and want to brush up their communication skills."

The Freelance Writing: How to Get Published in Print and Online course Susan teaches at City "sets outs the route to getting published, gives an insight into how the British press works and how best to identify story ideas and pitch them to editors. It is progressive and experiential. Participants are expected to join in, debate and share ideas, then consider their audience, pitch and get published. The course includes interview skills, how to identify good stories, research and investigate."

Susan's track record of student publication success speaks volumes for her teaching. "On a weekly basis I get links to published articles from former students, many of whom have gone on to be editors and now commission.

"If a student feels passionate about something, the idea is topical and they find an outlet that has the right audience, then their work will be published. I've had political journalists, campaigners, scientists, women returners and academics get published in all sorts of places from the Daily Mail to the New Statesman, The Internationalist and women's magazines."

Susan Grossman teaches the Freelance Writing: How To Get Published in Print and Online short course at City. She also teaches our Travel Writing short course.