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Karen Shaw

Karen Shaw

Director of Research & Enterprise

(0) 20 7040 0114


Karen was appointed as Director of Research and Enterprise in June 2015 and is a member of the Executive Committee of the University. Her role is to help deliver to City’s strategic ambitions by supporting the work

of academic staff and meeting the needs of City’s stakeholders in a professional services context. In practice, this means leading a team of professionals who work across various specialisms including strategy and policy development (and implementation), compliance, pre and post award management of research funding, intellectual property management, business development, commercialisation and the provision of continuing education to the community.

Karen trained as a research biochemist in the USA and held academic appointments at two UK universities. She subsequently transitioned into the management of research funding and technology transfer before taking up a series of executive appointments in research management both in the UK and Australia. Karen holds a PhD in biochemistry, law and legal practice qualifications and an MBA.


  • Operations management (research support and enterprise activities).
  • Process engineering.
  • Transformational change management.
  • Strategy & policy development.
  • Risk and compliance management.


Room 213A, Drysdale Building, Northampton Square

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