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Dale Robertson

Dale Roberston, CitySport

"I enjoy the happiness sport gives to those who play for fun and competitively."

Job title

Senior Recreation Assistant.

What is your favourite sport and why?

Football, for the passion from fans and players.

I work in sport because..?

I enjoy the happiness it gives to those who play for fun and competitively.

Competitive sport or just for fun?

I play sports for fun.

How you stay fit and healthy?

Cycling to and from work.

What gives you your motivation?

Seeing my two children and grandchildren.

Who is your sporting hero?

Charlie George, Arsenal from the 1970s.

What is the one item you would take on a desert island

My entire collection of 1940-1950 vinyl records.

What is your favourite movie?

The Sting, with Robert Redford and Paul Newman.