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Non-academic staff

  1. Connie Marcell

    Senior Unitemps Recruitment Consultant

  2. Peter Woodward

    Peter teaches a short course in C++ (Part 2) Object Oriented Programming

  3. Sarah Wood

    Widening Participation Outreach Manager

  4. Leo Chadburn

    Performance Officer

  5. Talal Ous

    Research Support Services Manager for School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering

  6. Bill Richardson

    Head of Continuing Education

  7. Adenike Badekale

    European Commission Assistant Accountant

  8. Sara Wilkie

    "When the aerobics scene hit London I was in the front row of every high-energy class going which is why I began teaching."

  9. Powlami Ghosh

    IP and Commercialisation Consultant

  10. Jamie Avery

    Study Abroad Manager

  11. Lydia Hughes

    Unitemps Branch Manager

  12. Helen Kempster

    Senior Careers Consultant

  13. Xenia Kotova

    Professional Mentoring Team Leader

  14. Dr Carol Daniel

    Senior Managing Consultant IP & Commercialisation

  15. Quinn Simpson

    Quinn teaches a short course in Coaching for Business and in Advanced Coaching

  16. Rebecca Kelly

    "I enjoy outdoor sports, particularly equestrian and I’m also a big fan of yoga."

  17. Dr Stephen Wilford

    Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Music

  18. Brigita Jurisic

    IP Commercialisation and Incubator Manager

  19. Ina Wang

    Global Engagement Manager

  20. Dom Pates

    Dom Pates - Senior Educational Technologist, Learning Enhancement and Development

  21. Claire Mason

    Global Engagement Officer

  22. Susan Grossman

    Susan teaches the Freelance Writing: How To Get Published in Print and Online short course. She also teaches our Travel Writing short cours ...

  23. Tim LeBon

    Tim teaches a short course in Positive Psychology

  24. Sam Harris-Jones

    Employer Engagement Adviser

  25. Mark Hertlein

    Head of Global Engagement

  26. William Power

    Buddy Scheme Officer

  27. Tamsyn Murray

    Tamsyn teaches a short course in Writing for Children

  28. Mariah Loukou

    Research & Enterprise Policy Officer

  29. Gemma Kenyon

    Head of Careers

  30. Graham Dransfield

    Business Development Manager

  31. Caroline Sipos

    Business Development Manager, School of Arts & Social Sciences and The City Law School

  32. Sharmin Kamaly

    Widening Participation Projects Officer

  33. Hannah Bowles

    Widening Participation Project Officer (COLAI)

  34. Marlon Gray

    Senior Careers Consultant

  35. David Curchin

    David teaches a short course in Starting Up in Business

  36. Andy Smith

    Senior Outreach Officer

  37. Jen Hughes

    "I take pride in being the first point of contact for everyone entering CitySport."

  38. Matt Dale

    "I allow my results and the feelings I get after training motivate me."

  39. Siobhan Carpenter

    Alumni Coordinator for the Centre for Food Policy

  40. Taimaz Ranjbaran

    Employer Engagement Adviser

  41. Matthew Such

    Chief Operating Officer, School of Health Sciences

  42. Wendy Browne

    Senior Employer Engagement Adviser

  43. Yusuf Ahmad

    INTO City Progression Officer

  44. Katy Daniels

    Careers Consultant

  45. Rae Bowdler

    Rae Bowdler, Senior Educational Technologist, Learning Enhancement and Development

  46. Antonia Clark

    Careers Consultant

  47. Alex Elkins

    Entrepreneurship Education Manager

  48. Joe Wilkinson

    Joe teaches a short course in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel Part 2

  49. Jon Cinque

    "Vinyasa flow yoga imparts a sense of ease and self-confidence through challenging physical sequences that help explore the edges of body a ...

  50. Saori

    "Rocket Yoga is beneficial if you are wanting to improve strength, lower body fat levels and increase your flexibility."

  51. Emily Pedder

    Subject Course Co-ordinator (Creative Writing)

  52. Drew Crawford

    Visiting lecturer in the Department of Music

  53. Matthew Shipton

    The Staff exchange experience directly influenced my own work in developing City's own 'Building the Vision' campaign

  54. Karen Glossop

    Karen teaches a short course in Presentation Skills

  55. Ben Robinson

    Community Volunteering Officer

  56. Jordon Bolessa

    "I stay motivated by beating my personal best scores and times when I complete Workouts of the Day."

  57. Claudia Kalay

    Head of Research Support Services

  58. Clare Avery

    Business Development Manager for Cass Business School

  59. Tia Khan

    IP & Commercialisation Consultant

  60. Aurore Hochard

    Head of Entrepreneurship Programmes

  61. Robert Lastman

    Continuing Education Administrator

  62. Charlie Fitzpatrick

    Employer Engagement Events and Administration Assistant

  63. Dr Julie Voce

    Dr Julie Voce - Head of Educational Technology, Learning Enhancement and Development

  64. James Rutherford

    James Rutherford - Senior Educational Technologist, Learning Enhancement and Development

  65. Ehsan Razavizadeh

    Managing Director of the London Space Institute (LSI)

  66. Robert Percy

    Visiting lecturer in the Department of Music

  67. Kristina Everett

    International Partnerships Administrator

  68. Adam Al-Kashi

    Public Engagement Facilitator, Division of Language & Communication Science

  69. Ben Copsey

    Widening Participation Projects Officer

  70. Noomi Weinberg

    Global Engagement Manager

  71. Ben Butler

    Student Development Manager

  72. Bodrul Amin

    Graduate Survey Administrator

  73. John Montgomery

    Head of Strategy and Compliance

  74. Laura Southerland

    Global Engagement Manager

  75. Brenda Welch

    Careers Information Manager

  76. Peter Forbes

    Peter teaches a short course in Narrative Non-Fiction

  77. Dale Robertson

    "I enjoy the happiness sport gives to those who play for fun and competitively."

  78. Aliya Sorgen

    Global Partnerships Manager

  79. Mimi Weiss Johnson

    Mimi Weiss Johnson - Senior Educational Technologist, Learning Enhancement and Development

  80. Anna Ramberg

    Research Governance & Integrity Manager

  81. Peter Aggar

    Research Support Services Manager

  82. Clare Thornbury

    Research Support Services Manager

  83. Sandra Partington

    Sandra Partington FHEA - Senior Educational Technologist, Learning Enhancement and Development

  84. Taqveem Ahmed

    Taqveem Ahmed – Assistant Educational Technologist, Learning Enhancement and Development

  85. Kathryn Drumm

    Kathryn Drumm – Educational Technologist Learning Enhancement and Development

  86. Ian Gibbs

    Head of Academic Enterprise

  87. Will Goring

    Technical Director

  88. Virginia Brown

    "I can relate to people of all ages and greet them with a friendly smile and a bit of northern banter."

  89. Dilly Tawakkul

    Senior Manager - International Research Funding Programmes

  90. Joanna Short

    "I am happy to be a part of the team who promotes and helps other people in achieving their goals and getting healthier."

  91. Anna Tremain

    Research Support Services Officer

  92. Olivia Fox

    Olivia Fox – Senior Educational Technologist Learning Enhancement and Development

  93. Graham Griffiths

    Honorary Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Music