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Portrait of Isabella Mancini

Isabella Mancini

Research Student

The City Law School,

Postal address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



Since October 2017, Isabella has been a PhD candidate at The City Law School (City, University of London) and an Early Stage Researcher under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) on EU Trade and Investment Policy (EUTIP), under the supervision of Prof. Elaine Fahey and Dr. Tawhida Ahmed.

Isabella is working on a thesis on "The Place of Fundamental Rights in the New Generation of EU ‘Deep’ Trade Agreements with other Developed Economies". The question she is interested is: “In the new generation of EU 'deep' trade agreements with other developed economies, how should we explore and understand the 'deepness' of fundamental rights?" The research focuses on two sets of fundamental rights - labour and data protection rights - and on the latest trade initiatives between the EU and other developed economies in North America and Asia - Canada, the US, Singapore and Japan.

Since the beginning of her PhD, Isabella has benefitted from a broad range of training and interdisciplinary methods training. She has attended the Advanced Training Courses organised by the EUTIP network; as well as several lectures and seminars, both within and outside her host institution. As part of her secondments, Isabella will spend a research period at the Egmont Institute in Brussels (September 2019) and at the Asser Institute in The Hague (October-December 2019). In May, she will also be a visiting researcher at the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG).


  1. LLM International Trade and Investment Law, Maastricht University, Netherlands
  2. BA European Studies (cum laude), Maastricht University, Netherlands
  3. Erasmus Programme, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Postgraduate training

  1. Summer School on the Law of the European Union, European University Institute (EUI), Italy
  2. The PhD in Law and research methods, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, UK
  3. Introduction to MPhil/PhD Legal Research Methods, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, UK
  4. Advanced Training Courses (ATCs), EUTIP-ITN, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy
  5. Depth Interviewing Skills, Social Research Association, UK


  1. City, University of London (2019) Prize for PhD Research Forum presentation at the City Law School
  2. European Commission Project Officer and External Expert (2019) Prize for Poster Presentation at EUTIP Mid-term Review


French (can read, write, speak and understand spoken), Italian (can read, write, speak and understand spoken) and Spanish; Castilian (can read, write, speak and understand spoken).


1st supervisor

  • Professor Elaine Fahey, Professor of Law, Jean Monnet Chair in Law & Transatlantic Relations

2nd supervisors

  • Dr Tawhida Ahmed, Reader in Law
  • Professor Panos Koutrakos, Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law

Professional activities

Events/conferences (9)

  1. 26th International Conference of Europeanists, Council for European Studies. (Conference) Madrid (2019).
    Paper: “An exploratory agenda for Fundamental Rights protection in the Regulatory Cooperation chapters of the new generation of EU Trade Agreements
  2. EUSA International Biennial Conference. (Conference) Denver (Colorado) (2019).
    Paper: The EU-Japan EPA and SPA: Nudging Global Regulatory Convergence? Regulatory Cooperation and Data Flows
    Co-authors: Prof. Elaine Fahey
  3. EUSA International Biennial Conference. (Conference) (2019).
    Paper: The Place of Fundamental Rights in the New Generation of EU Free Trade Agreements with other Developed Economies
  4. Global Politics and EU Free Trade Policy. (Conference) (2018).
    Paper: Deepening Trade and Fundamental Rights? The interplay between Regulatory Cooperation and Data Protection Rights
  5. 10th Anniversary CLEER Conference on ‘EU External Relations: Tackling global Challenges? (Conference) (2018).
    Paper: The the Reach of Labour and Data Protection Rights in the new generation of EU trade agreements with other developed economies
  6. Modelling Convergence of the EU with the world: taking, receiving and becoming EU law. (Workshop) (2018).
    Paper: The Reach of EU Free Trade Agreements to the Rights of the Global Others
  7. UACES 48th Annual Conference. (Conference) (2018).
    Paper: Breadth and Deepness of Fundamental Rights in the New Generation of EU FTAs
  8. Transatlantic Perspectives: The Future of European Law & Policy VI. (Conference) (2018).
    Paper: The Breadth of Fundamental Rights in the New Generation of EU Free Trade Agreements
  9. European Union International Affairs (EUIA) IV Conference. (Conference) (2018).
    Paper: The Role of the European Parliament for the Reach of Deeper Fundamental Rights in EU Free Trade Agreements

Online article

  1. Renegotiating NAFTA: between free flows of data and data protection & privacy rights. EUTIP Blog