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Portrait of Amanda McCloat

Amanda McCloat

PhD Student

School of Arts and Social Sciences


Postal address

City, University of London
Northampton Square
United Kingdom



PhD Area of Research
Policy issues relating to the place of Home Economics in the secondary school curriculum in the Republic of Ireland and how Home Economics contributes to the education of young people around food, cooking skills and health issues.

Professor Martin Caraher
Professor Corinna Hawkes

Research Interests
• Home Economics in particular food education
• Food and cooking skills
• Food literacy
• Education for Sustainable Development
• Home Economics philosophy
• Food policy from an education perspective

M.Sc. Food Policy, City, University London, United Kingdom
M.A. Education, University Limerick, Ireland
B.Ed. Home Economics, St Angela's College, NUI Galway, Ireland


  1. M.Sc. Food Policy, City, University London, United Kingdom
  2. M.A. Education, University Limerick, Ireland
  3. B.Ed. Home Economics, St Angela's College, NUI Galway, Ireland


  1. Head of Home Economics Department, St Angela's College, Sligo, 2009 – present
  2. Lecturer Home Economics, St Angela's College, Sligo, 2005 – 2009
  3. Home Economics Teacher, St Paul's Secondary School, 2001 – 2005


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