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VEVA is a going out app that helps Londoners to socialise at the City's best venues and tap hidden offers around them, on the day.

Briefly explain your business/business concept and the problem it aims to solve:

VEVA is a going out app that helps Londoners to socialise at the City's best venues and tap hidden offers around them, on the day.

City venues are able to attract app users through efficient and targeted real-time offers, using the VEVA web portal.

The typical app user is 20-35 years old, working or studying in a global city, is time constrained and goes out more than once a week to meet friends/colleagues. The typical venue is visited by users for casual socialising, is urban, upmarket, located in a competitive area and wants to actively reach young active consumers.

How did you come up with this idea?

We came up with the idea when we were trying to meet up with some friends first after work and then at a pub later on. The problem young urban people face is that city life is hectic and unpredictable and people tend to decide what to do on the go. There is no efficient way to organize a night out, especially last minute. Who hasn’t had an “hour to kill”, been held back in a meeting and wanted to go for a drink, or wanted to find a new place but didn’t know where the closest pop-up bar is. The solution is The VEVA App. We help you go out whenever you want and simply meet wherever you are.

What stage is your business currently at, and what are your plans moving forward?

Pushing VEVA out to a wider London audience and signing up more venues to get special offers for our users. We want to focus on traction and self-funding with revenue from venues. Once we hit the 25k+ user mark we would seek a Series A investment round to scale the brand to UK and beyond!

What do you feel are your three biggest successes with your business so far?

  1. Launching a super slick product that's easy to use.
  2. Hiring talented people who love the product and want to stay with us through the journey.
  3. An awesome brand that has gained us attention in building up valuable partnerships.

How was being a student at City helped you to develop your idea?

I studied my Executive MBA there and that’s where I met my co-founder "Lukas". The MBA gave us all the tools we needed to start a business - business models, scaling methods etc. The network has also been pivotal in securing key hires (our CTO was through the network) and also valuable partnerships to build awareness.

What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurial students at City?

Be confident and bold – you are the one who has to sell a vision and make people believe that they have a need for what you are offering.

You have to try everything once! There is a huge potential in start-ups and you meet fantastic people everyday. Innovation is the key to truly change the world and you can have that key!

If you are seeking help or investment - let us know what you need to help your business grow?

Seeking Co-founder - Sales / Marketing / Operations with a background in Apps (preferably)