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Trip talk story maker

TripTalk is a new, intuitive app to record, store and share your adventures.

Briefly explain your business/business concept and the problem it aims to solve:

What is TripTalk? To make is short, it’s a new, intuitive app to record, store and share your adventures. It is the answer to the issue of too many meaningless images stored in external drives that one never goes back to. It’s for the people who take pleasure in, every once in a while, going back to review experiences and ventures in a more concrete way compared to crude images and blurred memories.

How did you come up with this idea?

I am a young man with the luck of travelling quite a bit. I really enjoy exploring the world and experiencing cultures. I did however realize that i was never able to reconnect back with my adventures in any true manner besides memories and some pictures lost among others stored in a separate hard drive... sad. Thus, there came the idea to solve the problem for myself, and for the rest of lazy travellers who, just like me, don't have the will to create a physical photo album at the end of every trip!

What stage is your business currently at, and what are your plans moving forward?

The business is in the initial testing/launching phase. The Android app has been on the market for a few months and the iOS version is soon to come in the next 35 weeks. The fan base is quickly growing as visible by our Facebook followers and interactions on published posts. Downloads are growing as well. The next few months will be critical for the growth of the fan base on both the social platform and the actual user number for both Operating Systems. In the meantime, I am aspiring to execute two crowdfunding rounds with different providers.

What do you feel are your three biggest successes with your business so far?

  • The first huge landmark and success for the company, which I will never forget, is the release of the website. (Nov. 27th 2015)
  • The second big milestone was the release of the android app. (March 3rd 2016) There were huge amounts of bugs and issues for the following 2 months but that always happens when you start out...
  • The next huge milestone took place in July 2016, when our Facebook page reached 10k followers. Having so much support from all over the world gave me and the team a great boost in confidence.

How was being a student at City helped you to develop your idea?

The entrepreneurship centre at cass was a huge help on so many different fronts. From goal setting, to mentoring and to resource generation, they have been a real foundation for both my personal and my company's growth. Also the City Spark competition and its workshops helped a great deal! The next step in the handinhand growth I’m experiencing is the achievement of a position in Unruly.

What one piece of advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurial students at City?

Make it happen. It's only as hard as you make it for yourself. Starting is the hardest part, and if you fear failure you will never succeed. Failure will always be a large part of the game. I personally fail continuously, setting huge standards for myself and sometimes not managing to reach my goals. When I do however, success tastes that much better...

If you are seeking help or investment let us know what you need to help your business grow?

The two main objectives that i am aspiring to achieve right now are investment and mentoring. I am planning on completing two rounds of different crowdfunding before the end of 2016, to cover the investment side. Mentoring however, I need to find someone that can give me some hacks and help me reach my objective in an easier and more efficient manner.