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Professor Chris Greer

Head of Sociology Professor Chris Greer

"Teaching, if done well, can transform the way you think about the world around you."

Criminology programmes at City sit within the Department of Sociology, where students benefit from the wider range of academic expertise and additional opportunities this provides them.

Chris is a Professor of Criminology and Head of the Department of Sociology, and he teaches on our undergraduate Criminology degrees. Students on our Sociology degrees also have the option of studying the ‘Criminology’ module he leads in the first year of their degree.

According to Chris

“At City, our exceptional lecturers and academics do far more than just impart knowledge to our students. Teaching, if done well, can transform the way you think about the world around you. It gives you the skills to challenge assumptions and to make reasoned arguments. It shows you how to build persuasive cases for and against various situations for the rest of your life. Criminology is about power and the abuse of power; in order for students to understand this fully, the subject has to be situated within its wider context in society.

"At City you will be taught by research driven academics – these are experts, doing leading-edge work in the field you have chosen to study. They are the people writing the reports, the policies, the books and the articles that inform the field. As the course progresses you won’t just be learning about the research, you'll become actively engaged in conducting your own research on crime and justice. With the guidance of City Criminologists, you will develop first-hand experience of the criminological research process."

Need to know

  • Chris teaches on the year 1 module ‘Criminology’ and in year 3 on ‘Crime and Media’. Chris’s teaching in the first year is about getting students to think critically about how we define crime. Crime obviously has a legal definition. But to what extent is its definition also shaped by emotion, politics, morality, culture or the economy?
  • Chris will be at our Undergraduate Open Day on 24th September 2016, where he will be introducing our Criminology programmes, as part of the Department of Sociology.
  • In the 2015 National Student Survey (NSS), 92% of Sociology final year students said their teaching staff had ‘made the subject interesting’ - the national average was 84%.

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