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Vyoma Shah

Health Management
Vyoma Shah

The course absolutely blew my mind. The aspect that I loved the most about the course was the diversity of the cohort.

Before City

I did my Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery in India. Post the completion of the course, I realised that I had acquired only clinical knowledge about treating patients with no managerial skills around how to run a clinic, which was part of my long term plan.

Deciding on City

I came to City, University of London to pursue the Master’s degree in Healthcare Management, hoping it would assist me in achieving my long term plan.

The course has excellent experienced academic professors, who teach with a lot of passion. The course modules, although preselected, are well picked and equip one with all the necessary skills required in the healthcare world. The way the modules are designed allows hands-on work which is valued and relevant in the healthcare field.

City’s Impact

The course absolutely blew my mind. The aspect that I loved the most about the course was the diversity of the cohort. Diversity not only in terms of professional backgrounds but also nationalities. Through the course’s varied group projects, I really learned to value diversity and understood how perspectives are shaped by experiences. It also taught me the significance of a diverse team and ways to function effectively within the team.

I found the course unique for two reasons; the guest lectures and internship opportunities it offers. The guest lectures gave me an opportunity to gain knowledge from experts in the field and simultaneously connect with them.

Through City, University of London I was also able to do an internship at Barts Health NHS trust. Barts manages 4 hospitals in London, which exposed me to different systems, processes and data. Most of the work I did during this time was around the importance of Employee health and well-being at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital within the quality and efficiency team. This is when I realised that I was passionate about quality improvement.

Working Life

I am currently working as a Scale Quality Improvement Programme Manager at the Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group. My role involves scaling up of a Quality Improvement Programme called EQUIP. The strategy, finance, leadership, innovation and change education imparted during the course enabled me to secure this job.

I would highly recommend this course if you’re a clinician and want to get more of a business mind-set or are planning to move away from the clinical aspect but want to build a career in the management aspect of the healthcare field. I feel the career development opportunities and career choices post this course are infinite, it enables and shapes you to do whatever you’re passionate about.