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Sapna Chandaria

Financial Economics
Sapna Chandaria is a BSc Financial Economics Alumna from City

How making the most of your time at City will benefit your career

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What did you learn while studying at City that you value the most?

I learnt how to think outside the box which makes difficult situations at work manageable when handling clients. I learnt how to time manage which is a really important skill when going to work which has really helped me manage work and exams for the ACA qualification. During my time at City, I took part in many activities outside of my course which really helped me develop my communication skills. This has enabled me to contact clients confidently and take on presentations well.

What made you interested in Financial Economics?

I was always interested in maths and economics but my IGCSEs and AS levels helped me decide which course to take. Financial Economics is a great combination of pure and applied economics with maths. I always knew that it would be something I could use later on and I know that if you enjoy something you will definitely work harder to perfect it.

How did City help in getting your graduate role?

This is why City is awesome - the numerous opportunities available to its students to help them get jobs right from day one.

I got involved with the Widening Participation Student Ambassador program at City. As an ambassador, I have taught and mentored primary and secondary school students which has helped develop my communication skills with people of various ages. I was also involved in two volunteering areas through City Volunteering. During my first year, I worked with StreetChance Charity for a year as a volunteer assistant cricket coach and passed my UKCC1 cricket coaching qualification. Throughout my second year was working on a scheme with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

I had a mentor who really helped me develop professionally; prepare for interviews and supported me through my application processes for summer internships.

I also started up a society with two other course mates. This helped me to build on my presentation and interpersonal skills. Starting up and running a new society has been a great way to show your social capabilities and initiative.

Lastly, I took part in City's Professional Mentoring Scheme, where I had a mentor who really helped me develop professionally, helped me prepare for interviews and supported me through my application processes for summer internships. I had two successful applications and ended up with two summer internships. The scheme helped me understand what career I want to go into, how to make the most of resources and most importantly how to show the skills I do have. All the opportunities at City are available - waiting for you to take advantage of them!