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Norah Myers

Norah Myers

'It was through studying at City that I finally found my professional identity and grounding, the MA set me on the path to becoming an editor.'

Iguana Books

Iguana wants to give every writer the opportunity to publish not just a book, but the best book he or she possibly can. Iguana wants its writers to have maximum creative control over their words and the largest share of the proceeds from their work.

My name is Norah Myers. I’m the editorial assistant at Iguana Books, an independent publisher of fiction and nonfiction in Toronto. I completed my MA in International Publishing at City in 2013. I interned for Picador and Bloomsbury in London; upon returning to Canada, I worked for a boutique literary agency and a magazine publisher before securing the job I have now. In addition to acquiring new authors, managing crowd funding campaigns, and assessing and editing material, I blog for BookMachine – remotely from Toronto – and take on freelance editing.

My publishing dissertation concerned book proposal creation and use; I’ve just finished editing a book proposal for a memoir and just began preparing a proposal for a nonfiction book about cancer treatment. I make use of my dissertation research in every professional workday, and my time at City also provided me with a professional network who have helped me enormously in acquiring authors for the company.

It was through studying at City and working for Picador that I finally found my professional identity; I struggled through teaching and journalism for years before I discerned that the best job for me is commissioning editor; City set me on the path to becoming an editor, and gave me professional grounding and meaning I’d been missing for years. If I hadn’t gone to City, I would likely still be unhappily stuck in journalism.