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Nicole Pezzolo

'At City, I not only met incredible people but I also learnt that you can reinvent yourself successfully - with the expertise and support.'

As a 2011/2012 student, there is much I can say about how positive and challenging this experience was for me.

In 2011 I left Italy where I had a full time job for London, in search for a new experience along with stronger professional skills. At the MA I met incredible people and learned one thing on top of the many others, that you can reinvent yourself successfully at any time if you find yourself in the right environment, and City was the best possible I have found. Team working and effective communication within a diverse environment were the everyday at City Publishing MA.

I was the Matthew Hodder Scholar for my academic year which to me meant a strong recognition of my previous experience despite the young age and actual financial support during the MA.

I am now a localization project manager for an innovative language service provider in gorgeous Rome, Italy.