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Muad Jouhoune

International Political Economy
Muad Jouhoune

Studying IPE at City has proved to be the ideal platform to move on to business school.

"The intrinsic relationship between market dynamics and power structures was always something I found interesting, particularly since I was beginning university in the aftermath of seismic world events, most notably the global financial crisis and the middle-eastern uprisings. In light of this, I was at loggerheads between studying economics or international politics. So, naturally, when I learned that City were offering the new IPE degree, I knew it was the perfect course for me!

During my studies, I felt the programme provided me with a thorough grounding on theoretical aspects, allowing me to explore the unique angles with which the IPE discipline interprets current affairs, culminating in a dissertation that explored the possibility of a world financial authority. The entire faculty, and in particular my supervisor, made this research period an intellectually stimulating and rewarding experience.

As for my next endeavour, I am now heading to the Imperial College Business School to study Management with Financial Services. Studying IPE has certainly proved to be the ideal platform from which I can move on to business school, whereby I may draw upon my aptitude for analysing abstract ideas, complement theory with practise, and thus see how these theories affect the real world."