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Michael Lashley

Michael Lashley

Michael is a Consultant Senior Java Developer at National Grid.

The purpose of the Web-based Tool for Interactive Visual Summary Generation of Geographical Data project was to design and build an interactive geographical map online platform prototype for exploring statistical trends in the 2011 UK census data. The ASIGM (Attribute Signature Interactive Geographical Map) prototype platform delivered this through the use of multiple visualisation techniques and methods, for example Attribute Signature Charts, which allowed the census data to be visualised and geographically explored.

Name of project: Interactive visualisation of Geographical Data

How did M@C help with your career prospects?

I definitely believe that the Made@City event play a part in my career success and chosen path. This event equipped me with the confidence I need to join the IT industry. Being able to showcase my project, findings and present to a wide range of people from industry experts to first year undergraduates helped me to hone my presentation and interpersonal skills in the space of a few hours. In addition, to achieving a 1st class degree at City winning second place at the Made@City event was equally rewarding and my helicopter ride prize was the icing on the cake.

Tell us a little about what you are doing now.

I am now working a Consultant Senior Java Developer at National Grid.

What would you say to students who are thinking of taking part in Made@City?

Companies in the industry are looking for developers with the full package not just developers, data analysts or project managers, but they seek student with the flexibility to adapt to new challenges and project. Taking part in the Made@City event will not only give you a fantastic talking point for graduate interviews but also demonstrate that you are an all-rounded individual, you can gather requirement, do research, plan, project manage, develop, test, document and present a project from start to finish, which is essential to a successful IT career.