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Mary Anne Temi

International Business Law (distance learning)
Mary Anne Temi

I learned so much about international business law, and I also achieved my goals. My dissertation was my biggest accomplishment.

Stumbling across the Law

I had completed an undergraduate advanced diploma in Data and Systems Analysis at Oxford University and was considering my next program. I stumbled across a Humans of New York post where the gentleman giving the interview decided to enter law school because it was something he had always wanted to do. Genius struck and I thought, “Why not?” It seemed a perfect way for me to learn a new system of ideas and grow my knowledge in a different way.

Applying Law like a system

Everything has a system, be it a computer, law, even the human body. And the truest way to understand how well I understood system architecture as a whole was to apply it in a completely different field. Additionally, I wanted to develop my novel writing skills. A law program seemed like a smart avenue for me to feel confident about articulating my points and structuring my ideas.

I was very specific about the type of program I was looking for. It had to be a distance learning programme that would support my schedule and temperament. I reviewed the City Law School’s history and felt the programme would be the most beneficial.

Combining a love of data with Law

When I initially started and would speak with people about my programme, they found it quite unorthodox that a person who dealt with systems and data would want to learn law, without the necessary desire to become a lawyer. I should be off obtaining a Masters in Software Engineering to develop and hone in my skills, or something of that sort.

But as time progressed, the intersection of law, technology, and data has become very apparent in the block chain and intellectual property space. Having an understanding of those areas with a firm understanding of technology, systems, system architecture, and data management has become very valuable and will continue to be. I made an excellent choice.

Looking back with glee

My experience at City was wonderful. I learned so much about international business law, and I also achieved my goals. My dissertation was my biggest accomplishment. It gave me the confidence I had wanted and needed. Finally, the knowledge that I obtained from the programme helped me to better understand my current employer, the history of the organization, and its importance as a multi-stakeholder governance model.