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Maggie Miller

Maggie Miller

The experience really made a difference for my next career move

"Before the MHM I was in a corporate development position with Kimberly-Clark Corporation as a healthcare marketing manager. This was an excellent introduction to the business aspects of healthcare due to its client base in hospitals and medical facilities and medical product set.

On the MHM I found studying with international students from a wide range of management and professional backgrounds to be a real benefit. Expert speakers from many different health sectors reinforce the real-world approach to health management, as do the many opportunities to apply learning in practice.

For the health management consultancy project I was on a team working at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children. Our team worked closely with the Chief Operating Officer, and multi-disciplinary stakeholders to benchmark and review services, map solutions, and generate recommendations. The experience made a real difference for my next career move."

Maggie is now Senior Project Manager at Texas Children's Hospital.