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Keith Abel

City alumnus Keith Abel

Delivering ethical eating.

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole is an award-winning organic food delivery company, founded in London in 1988.

Keith Abel is the founder of Abel & Cole, which delivers organic food and ethical groceries to homes across the UK.

He studied at City, University of London and in 1988 started selling potatoes from 10lb sacks in south London. He knew little about organic vegetables until a Devon farmer asked him what chemicals had been sprayed on the potatoes he was selling.

Intrigued by the question, Keith visited a potato farm and was dismayed to see the level of toxic chemicals used in modern agriculture. He switched to delivering only organic, agro-chemical-free products, just as customers were asking whether he could deliver a wider range of vegetables. The Essential Organic Veg Box was born and Abel & Cole went from strength to strength.

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