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Jorunn Sofie Randby

Food Policy
Jorunn Sofie Randby

Senior adviser, Norwegian Directorate of Health, Oslo, Norway

Sofie couldn’t find a food policy course in Norway, so in 2004 she came to London and enrolled full-time. The Masters opened her eyes to food culture and food politics. “I didn’t realise food could be such a battleground,” she recalls.

Back in Oslo, she did another Masters, in public health nutrition, then she got an internship followed by a staff job at the World Health Organisation in Geneva, working with the Expert Group on Food Marketing to Children (chaired by Corinna Hawkes). In 2011, she started her current position in Oslo.

Sofie has recently begun a PhD that will study Norwegian schools’ implementation of food policies. She says her time at the Centre taught her a way of thinking that now serves as a ‘screen’ through which she filters information about food, health and policy.