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Jody Orsborn

Jody Orsborn

Jody is the Co-Founder of The Backscratchers - a start-up that connects companies with handpicked freelance talent or agencies for projects

The Backscratchers

The Backscratchers is a start-up that connects companies with handpicked freelance talent or agencies for projects

Jody is the Co-Founder of The Backscratchers. Having discovered that finding freelancers or agencies to fill creative industry roles on an as-needed basis is time consuming and frustrating, she launched The Backscratchers to connect companies with handpicked freelance talent or agencies for projects.

She says:

Running a start-up is not for everyone. It’s unstable. You work crazy hours. You’re challenged every single step of the way. But you also get to work on something you love and that can actually change your industry. And once you start to get customers in and it starts to ‘work’ and stabilises, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Jody started The Backscratchers with a former classmate. They had already worked together on a project so she knew it would be a good team. “We genuinely liked each other as people,” says Jody, “which is massively important as they will become the person you see the most in your life.”

After winning City's CitySpark competition, the pair were accepted onto a startup accelerator programme and subsequently onto BBC Labs, BBC Worldwide’s own accelerator. They now have a team of six people and over 150 clients. The business is profitable and is fixing projects for clients including Red Bull, Virgin, Spotify, Twitter and Vice on a daily basis.

Jody was also recently chosen as one of the UK’s Top Women Entrepreneurs by CNBC and a ‘One To Watch’ by Tech City News.

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