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Jannine Jenkins

Legal Practice Course
Jannine Jenkins

My paralegal and non-legal experience really helped with my training contract. In my application I was able to write with authority and confidence

Russell-Cooke Solicitors

When did you decide you wanted to be a lawyer?

When I started doing A-Level Law, I really enjoyed learning the theory. From there, I took each academic stage one step at a time, until I started the LPC and then decided I wanted to become a solicitor.

How did you come about doing the LPC and when?

After doing a law degree at City, University of London, graduating in 2014, I went straight on to do the LPC. It felt very natural and comfortable to continue with my legal studies at City Law School and I was lucky enough to be offered a scholarship for the LPC at CLS.

Why did you choose CLS/ICSL?

I wanted to study law at a London university, as I wanted to commute from home. I was also the first person from my family to go to university, so when my Politics teacher from college highly recommended City Law School, I was guided by her. I attended Open Days and liked the campus and the offering, so started my law degree at City.

Any tips for current (or future) LPC students at CLS?

Write your own notes. I found it really helpful to write my own notes from the text book and from the lecture materials. This helped me understand the materials better and also helped for revision purposes.

Be prepared to persevere. I found Accounts and Drafting tricky and didn’t get them straight away. I took time to go through my notes and things did eventually fall into place. Other students did seem to understand concepts straight away, but I didn’t. Don’t be phased by this. Put in the time and effort and it will all make sense! I came in for my classes in the morning, and then continued with my notes and preparation at home in the afternoon, so treated the LPC as a full time 9-5 course.

What was your first job after the LPC?

I was a paralegal in the Real Estate department of a large London firm for a year and a half after completing the LPC. As I was there quite a long time, I was given more and more responsibility and managed some of my own files.

Any other jobs before getting a training contract?

I had two part time jobs working in retail throughout my studies for my degree and the LPC, and then on completing the LPC started my paralegal job.

Where and when did you complete your training contract?

At my current firm, Russell-Cooke Solicitors in 2019.

Why do you think you got the training contract?

My paralegal and non-legal experience really helped with my training contract. In my application form and covering letter, I was able to write with authority about my experiences. At my interview, I was also able to confidently elaborate on these.

Any tips for LPC students without training contracts?

Put yourself out there. Network – eg on LinkedIn, attend talks hosted by law firms in areas that interest you, follow firms’ Twitter and other social media feeds. Tailor applications to firms and places you would like to work.