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Ingrid Keller

Food Policy
Ingrid Keller

Policy coordinator for chronic diseases, DG SANTE, European Commission, Luxembourg.

Before she started the Masters course, Ingrid was working at the World Health Organisation in Geneva on its global strategy for diet, physical activity and health. Although she had a degree in nutrition and home economics, and a Masters in public health from her native Germany, she still felt her education hadn’t really equipped her to understand policy. Ingrid did the course part time, by distance learning. She says it filled in a lot of background, increased her understanding of how policy is made, and ‘sharpened her eye’ for reading it. She particularly enjoyed how her dissertation allowed her to put her own work into an academic context.

After the Masters, Ingrid went to work in Luxembourg for the European Commission, where she managed the Health Programme. Now, though, she is co-coordinating DG SANTE’s work on non-communicable diseases, where her understanding of food policy is once again essential.