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Francois Lassale

Air Transport Management

'City, University of London has helped me develop a huge amount of confidence operating at executive management levels.'


HeliOffshore is a global safety-focused organisation formed by major providers of offshore helicopter transportation. We enable helicopter operators to develop, share and apply best practices, create and use advanced technology, and advocate for harmonised flight standards.

Why did you decide to study at City, University of London?

The flexibility of City, University of London's MSc programme provided me with the ability to work full-time and study at a pace that suited me.

What was your favourite aspect of your course?

My favourite aspect of the course was the ability to network with like minded professionals in the industry.

What was the highlight of your time at City?

Graduation! Seriously though, I very much enjoyed the interactive courses and meeting new people in the industry from across the globe.

What was the main benefit of completing a course at City?

City has a well renowned reputation across the globe therefore, the credibility that comes from studying and doing a post graduate degree at City is second to none.

How did City prepare you for your chosen career path?

City provided me with a huge amount of confidence to operate at executive management levels. As an experienced and well qualified pilot, I needed the further education to make me more marketable in senior management, giving me the credibility in other areas of the aviation industry, such as business, finance, human resources and economics. City really prepared me well for this and as such I am now a well rounded professional and can communicate at many different levels confidently.

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