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Francisco J Conejo

Financial Economics

"A BSc in Financial Economics has provided me with useful knowledge about corporate finance, derivatives, econometrics and investment banking."

Before starting at City, University of London

I was a pharmacy manager for several years but was more focused on the business and performance side of it than the pharmaceutical side. I needed a new challenge and decided to go back to study and focus on a new career.

Studying Financial Economics at City

My BSc in Financial Economics provided me with useful knowledge about corporate finance, derivatives, econometrics and many other modules that are relevant to investment banking. A BSc in Economics is relevant to many careers paths though, not only to banking.

I really appreciated that the professors helped me during my course and were available (and happy) to help with any kind of issue, even if it didn't relate to their specific module. Professor Keith Pilbeam and John Guest (a visiting lecturer at the time) in particular were an inspiration - I was amazed by the way they taught. They were able to deliver huge amounts of information during their lectures and difficult concepts were taught in a way that seemed idiot proof. Going to their lectures was a joy for me and I assume that it was the same for others, as their lectures were always full.

Masters at Cass Business School

After my undergraduate degree I studied a MSc in Mathematical Trading & Finance at Cass Business School. Cass is a part of City so they are fully aware of the level that students who've studied Financial Economics at City have achieved. A few of us from my course were accepted for different Masters at Cass.

Advise for new students

My advice for new students (on top of getting a first-class degree) is to make the most of their time at university by taking advantage of all the learning resources available at City. They should also be proactive and participate in the different societies and extracurricular activities, as this will come in handy when looking for jobs. Put every effort into getting an internship as it will increase your chances of getting a job once you have finished the BSc.