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Fabrizio Luccitti

Fabrizio Luccitti

'City's Publishing MA is by far the best gateway for anybody keen to enter the publishing industry through the main door.'

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I attended the International Publishing MA at City in 2012-2013. The MA differs from other courses currently available because of its practical approach, taking students on a path to success in terms of employability.

I came to City with a rather naive idea about Publishing which was immediately put to the test. Not only did I acquire theoretical knowledge of the Publishing process as a whole, I was also able to develop practical skills which helped me stand out from the competition: from writing a CV, to conduct an interview, to prepare a marketing plan or a business plan and ultimately to advise on copyright issues, the MA does provide the background knowledge necessary for anybody wanting to get into Publishing without previous experience.

I was also impressed by the vast network of contacts that both Maryann and the rest of the teaching board was able to put at our disposal when looking for internships. Key to the course is not only the acquisition of precise skills covering all sectors of publishing, but also the necessary experience to thrive in any publishing environment.

In my view, the City Publishing MA is by far the best gateway for anybody keen to enter the publishing industry from the main door.