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Essa Ahmad

International Business Law (distance learning)
Essa Ahmad

Essa graduated from the LLM International Business Law programme in 2018, choosing to study via distance learning.

Why did you choose to study the LLM International Business Law via distance learning?

I chose to study the LLM via distance learning due to the flexibility that the course offers for international students and employees. This mode of study is the future of learning.

Why did you choose to study at The City Law School?

I chose The City Law School because of its excellent and outstanding reputation in business and commercial law education.

What do/did you enjoy most about your course?

I enjoyed the interaction between students from different places around the globe. I also enjoy how all the staff have extensive experience in their fields.

What has been your favourite module and why?

All modules are important. However, I have really enjoyed Dispute Resolution.

Can you tell us about your experience of using the online study platform/tools to aid your study?

The online platform Moodle is well developed, friendly to use and easy to access. I have used it on several occasions for material revision and assignment submissions.

How different is studying via distance learning to the normal classroom environment?

There is not much difference as the mode of study is mostly research. Distance learning provides better opportunities for working students to effectively manage their own time.

What did you think to the structure of the programme? Did you take a break from your studies?

I did not take any break. The programme is well structured and some modules are not provided in the summer semester, allowing students to take a break from studies.

How will the LLM International Business Law help with your current job role/career prospects?

It has given me the opportunity to gain exposure to international business and commercial practices, whether through connecting with students or the outcome of my learning. All this has definitely helped me to gain knowledge of different cultural and commercial practices, from various world views.

What advice or tips would you give to anyone who wants to study the LLM International Business Law (distance learning) programme?

My advice is to go for the LLM International Business Law via distance learning at City. It is flexible and easy to access, the teaching is high quality and the knowledge is guaranteed.