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Enrico Vannucci

International Business Law (distance learning)

Enrico graduated from the LLM International Business Law programme in 2019, choosing to study via distance learning


The LLM provided me with the deep legal knowledge I needed to truly master all aspects of my current job. It allowed me to deepen my business law knowledge from a truly international point of view

Enrico Vannucci is a trilingual international manager. He has a strong financial and legal background and extensive experience in both the international affairs field and the financial sector.

Life as a Deputy Executive Director

I work in Strasbourg (France) as a Deputy Executive Director of Eurimages, the cultural fund of the Council of Europe supporting independent film making in its 40 member States (38 European countries plus Canada and Argentina). At Eurimages, I am mainly responsible for the Cinemas and Distribution Support Programmes, as well as for the administrative and financial management of the fund.

It is very difficult for me to describe a typical day of work. When in Strasbourg, I pursue the objectives of the fund managing the activities in my area of responsibility and coordinating the work of a highly effective and professional team. I am quite often on the road to take part both in Eurimages meetings (Board of Management, Working and Study Groups) and in meetings with other partners and actors of the audio-visual sector. I also regularly attend film festivals and events throughout Europe to promote and give visibility to Eurimages work and activities.

Working for an international business

I enjoy the international dimension of my job. Eurimages operates in a very dynamic and creative sector, at the crossroads between international affairs and the film industry. My role is very interesting because it implies dealing at the same time with legal, financial and political issues. This allows me to draw from all my previous experiences both at the Council of Europe and in the financial sector, when I am confronted with new problems and challenges.

Choosing the LLM

I chose to pursue my studies in International Business Law at City because it is both a high-quality course and is taught via distance learning. It allowed me to deepen my business law knowledge from a truly international point of view, complementing my previous legal and business studies and building upon my professional experience. Moreover, thanks to its flexibility, I was able to continue working full time during my studies.

The course highlights

I appreciated the wide range of modules for the subjects I was most interested in, as well as being able to access top quality learning resources any time, mainly through City’s online learning environment. Timely and effective academic support was provided by professors compounding strong theoretical knowledge with extensive experience in their respective fields and exchanges with fellow students and professors proved to be a key element of my learning experience at City.

Studying online with City

I studied from all over Europe and beyond for the distance learning LLM. However, during my studies I was clearly able to profit from City’s great advantage of being located at the heart of London’s business district, which implies a constant exchange with the business and financial community of the most cosmopolitan city in the world.

How the LLM helped

The LLM provided me with the deep legal knowledge I needed to truly master all aspects of my current job. I also believe that my studies could enhance my future career as it provided me with a new and fascinating field of expertise.

Advice for prospective students

The only advice I could give to current and future City students is to fully enjoy and live their learning experience, trying to make the most of the many enriching opportunities that a unique university like City can provide them with.