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Dr Irene Ctori

Dr Irene Ctori

Dr Irene Ctori is a Lecturer in Optometry and Visual Science at City and has 20 years’ experience of clinical optometric practice, in both the private sector and in specialised hospital optometry services.

Her journey at City started with a BSc in Optometry in 1991. “I was always very academically focused and only visited the main university building to attend my mathematics lectures and to go to the Students’ Union,” Irene says.

After obtaining her degree, she was encouraged to further her studies, but decided to spend a few years practising her trade. Ten years later she returned to City as a postgraduate student and pursued her passion for teaching.

I have always found City to be a warm and friendly place to be and I feel I have been continuously supported to achieve the best I can.

After being awarded a scholarship, Irene completed a PhD, which gave her the opportunity to travel to conferences in France and the US to present her work. But the real highlight of her career so far was becoming a full-time Lecturer in 2016 after gaining several years of teaching experience as a Visiting Lecturer.

I love being a Lecturer. I really enjoy being able to bring my clinical skills into my lectures, but also integrating innovative technology. Equally I get real satisfaction from conducting research and publishing my work. I hope that my enthusiasm for the job will remain the same for many years to come.