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Deniz Öztürkmen

Culture, Policy and Management

Deniz works in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey.

Deniz says that one of the things she values from the MA CPM is that it widened her horizons, 'I have seen the multi-dimensional nature and the interdisciplinary aspect of the arts/cultural sector and I think that one of my most important acquisitions at City was gaining a totally new and comprehensive perspective on arts and culture. That revived my enthusiasm for this area and I also enriched my theoretical background.’

'This MA gives students the capability to take initiatives so as to be able to manage cultural/arts institutions in a modern and inclusive manner. Since I returned to Turkey, I have applied what I have learnt on the MA CPM to my job. Moreover, the prestige of the university as well as its weight on your background and CV definitely pays its dividends in professional life.’