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Daniel Grewal

Daniel Grewal

Daniel is currently completing a Masters degree in Data Science at Lancaster University.

Daniel’s project at Made@City predicted sports results using Naïve Bayes Classification and Time Series Analysis.

What was the best thing about taking part in Made@City?

The best thing about taking part in Made@City was the recognition I received for a project I’d completed at university. Also the fact that the people I was exhibiting to, were from a wide range of backgrounds and some even came to the event to view my project specifically, which was a real pleasure to hear.

How did M@C help with your career prospects?

M@C greatly enhanced my career prospects. Not only was I offered two job roles from companies attending the event, but it looked great including it as part of my applications to study for my Master’s degree. Also, in the period between the event and now, potential employers are always keen to ask about the project and the event which I won. It’s a fantastic opportunity to show potential employers how you differ from the other students graduating with a degree in a similar field to you.

Tell us a little about where you are now.

I’m currently completing my Master’s degree in Data Science at Lancaster University whilst working as a Data Scientist intern for a small financial services firm in London. I’ve been fortunate enough to secure a Data Scientist position working for the biggest market shareholder of advanced analytics software, SAS Institute, which will begin in September.

What would you say to students who are thinking of taking part in Made@City?

To students thinking of taking part in Made@City, don’t be afraid to get creative with your project. The whole point of doing a dissertation project, is to push the boundary on what can already be done in your relevant field. The benefits that I’ve reaped from taking part in the event have propelled me to the position I’m in now. So be innovative, be creative and get a jump-start on your career.