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Charlotte Bonner

Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics
Charlotte Bonner alumni image

Runs sustainability change programmes for NUS.


NUS is the national voice of students. They champion students to shape the future of education - and create a better world.

My degree from City has given me the technical knowledge that enables me to work across many sectors with credibility. The wide ranging industry representatives, the policy analysis and the flexibility within the course allowed me to develop the grace of well-informed generalism in a very complex field as well as detailed and specific expertise in the areas I chose to focus on: behaviour change, political drivers and renewables.
I continue to run sustainability change programmes on behalf of NUS, which I did whilst studying for my Masters part-time. I work with wide ranging partner organisations in the tertiary education sector as well as in the public and private  sectors both in the UK and abroad. Engaging with such a broad range of organisations would have been challenging had it not been for insight gained through the MSc Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics from City, University of London. The fact that I could work and study meant my practice informed my studies and vice-versa. I'm proud to be a part of their alumni community and continue to support my course by sitting in on their annual steering group.