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Antonio Anic

International Business Law (distance learning)
Antonio Anic

Antonio Anic has gained vast experience in the banking sector since 2012.

Working in the international financial market

For several years now, I have been working for a major German bank in the field of the international debt capital markets. Therefore, I am glad to have the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge gained at the LLM in practice in the international financial market.

I enjoy my work. The changes in the regulatory framework are posing ever-increasing challenges, specifically for internationally active financial institutions, while at the same time offering a very challenging and interesting working environment. In addition to the opportunity for personal development and specialisation, the area of responsibility offers exciting insights into the refinancing needs of a major financial institution on the one hand and the regulatory requirements of the legislator and supervisors on the other.

Choosing the LLM

The master's degree is an enormously important component for university education and furthering my professional career. The LLM enabled me to deepen my existing knowledge and practical experience in specific fields.

City, University of London, as well as The City Law School, have an impressive history and high international recognition. It is a remarkable address for every potential student. In particular, the excellent qualities of the International Business Law programme made it easy for me to choose the course.

The modules

Besides The Foundations of Law in International Business, I decided to take the modules International Corporation and Investment Law. Theseprovided me with a great understanding of different legal forms of business vehicles and their legal and economic significance of the modern corporation, whilst giving insights into the origins and purposes of foreign direct investments as well as current trends. The modules Legal Aspects of International Finance and Law of International Trade were characterised by their comprehensive contents concerning the legal structure of many forms of international finance and the main terms in international trade.

Advice for prospective students

First of all, it has to be said to everyone interested in this specific field of study that it is the right decisionworth applying for an LLM at The City Law School. Although an LLM with an international character at a renowned university in the business and banking centre of London is an exciting challenge that requires a lot of personal commitment, it is a valuable experience for every student and can positively influence their career.